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KLA Tutoring will help your child improve their writing skills faster than traditional tutoring


While most tutoring centers focus primarily on math and reading, here at Kinesthetic Learning Academy (KLA), we also offer specialized instruction for writing, a skill that we feel is still necessary for students to develop. Our approach is quite different than typical tutoring programs, and it contributes to significant progress for our students in a relatively short period of time. 

In order to truly succeed, most kids who are struggling with academics are going to need a more interactive approach to learning than what they receive in traditional schools or even specialized tutoring programs. This is exactly why we started Kinesthetic Learning Academy. Not only do we have a team of certified teachers to guide your child through the tutoring process, but our program is founded primarily on physical movement. Our movement techniques help kids to keep their minds and bodies active during the learning process, which, in turn, increases focus, memory, and retention of information. 

During our specialized instruction sessions with writing students, we use chants and jingles to help students understand the parts of speech and the structure of phrases and sentences. Students follow scaffolded prompts which help them understand the organization of paragraphs or essays until they are able to follow the structure independently and automatically. As we have worked with our writing students on these techniques, we have seen them progress from barely being able to write cohesive sentences, to producing high-quality essays, beyond their age and grade levels. One of our students has even been published on our website in an article he wrote about being a kinesthetic learner!  

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