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If you are an Arizona parent with a child in the third grade, you have probably heard of the Move on When Reading law, often referred to as MOWR. Simply stated, this means that third grade children must demonstrate proficiency in reading on their AZMerit test in order to move on to the fourth grade. This stipulation can cause anxiety for parents and students alike, especially if the child is struggling with reading. If you are a parent with a third-grader, consider the following questions:

  • Is your child experiencing frustration as they struggle with reading or other basic subjects?
  • Are you concerned with them being able to move on to fourth grade?
  • Has your child’s teacher recommended intervention support? 
  • Is your child’s enthusiasm for learning waning or vanished completely? 
  • Have you begun to wonder if your child will ever be able to achieve academic success during their school years?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, there is a good chance that your child is a kinesthetic learner and that they could be excelling in reading and other academic areas if they were being taught in the way that works best for them. 

What’s a Kinesthetic Learner?

Simply put, a kinesthetic learner is someone who learns best through physical movement, which is pretty natural for most kids—they love to run and jump and play. It makes sense, then, that many children struggle when they are put in a classroom setting where they are asked to be quiet and sit still. When movement is integrated into the learning process, children are able to increase their focus and retention, which in turn, helps them to have more academic success. 

Why Kinesthetic Learning Academy?

While the process of incorporating movement with learning may be lacking in the traditional educational system, it is our primary focus here at Kinesthetic Learning Academy. Our certified teachers provide specialized third grade tutoring in reading, writing, and math in conjunction with regular movement. The results speak for themselves as children catch-up to their grade level at an accelerated pace! It’s amazing to watch kids start to love learning again as well as to increase in self-confidence when they realize that they can succeed! 

If you think your child could benefit from third grade tutoring in their primary subjects, especially as they prepare to be able to move on to the fourth grade, give Kinesthetic Learning Academy a call today at 480-534-7500. We look forward to hearing from you!



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