Second Grade Tutoring

By second grade, most kids have become pretty well adjusted to school, being a regular part of their life. They know the drill: 

  1. School during the day
  2. Homework
  3. Play and activities in the afternoon and evening
  4. And eventually, of course, the ever-growing anticipation of summer breaks

Reading, writing, math, and other primary subjects are becoming more familiar to them as they steadily progress academically. Life is looking pretty good in their little world.

But, what about the children who have a different story? You know the kids I’m talking about… those who still struggle to adapt to the routine of the education system after a few years. The child who watches their friends begin to read short chapter books, while they are still stuck on sight words. The kiddos who are still writing their letters and numbers backward, and who are becoming increasingly frustrated because they still can’t understand basic addition. 

By second grade, not only are children becoming more self-aware, but they are also more than capable of noticing when they’re different from those around them. So, for kids who struggle academically, not only are they facing the frustration of not understanding educational concepts, they may also be dealing with feelings of embarrassment, shame, and rejection because they know they are different from their peers.  

It was because of kids facing these kinds of struggles that we started Kinesthetic Learning Academy, where we offer help to elementary and middle school kids. We know how important it is to get kids interested in learning while they’re young, which is why we provide second grade tutoring. We have great hope in these kids and their capabilities! 

Kids are expected to sit still most of the day while they are at school, but there is research that shows that kids learn better while they are moving. So, our certified teachers teach reading, writing, and math in conjunction with regular movement, and it’s amazing to see the results! When movement is involved in the learning process, kids are able to stay more focused as well as retain more of the information being taught. We love watching children, who had become disengaged in the learning process, become excited about learning again as they see success!   

If you are looking to help your second grader improve their academic skills and boost their confidence and love of learning, Kinesthetic Learning Academy may be just what you are looking for. We offer homework help sessions for kids every Monday-Thursday between the hours of 3-8pm. We also offer specialized instruction in writing, math, and reading. Ready to get started? Call us today at 480-534-7500 or simply begin the enrollment process on our registration page

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