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KLA Tutoring helps children become fluent readers in a fun and engaging manner

We have all heard about the benefits of reading, especially for children, and obviously, we want the best for our children and strive to help them succeed as they are learning to read. Therefore, it can be incredibly discouraging when your child struggles with reading and when traditional approaches aren’t helping them improve. It can become increasingly difficult as your child grows older and is expected to demonstrate proficiency in reading during the third grade. And now, it is expected that children become proficient in order to move on to the fourth grade, as part of the Move on When Reading (MOWR) law. If you are facing this situation with your child, their struggle with reading won’t be solved by spending more time drilling them with the same ineffective techniques—something will have to change. That’s why the Kinesthetic Learning Academy was founded and our reading program may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

The Kinesthetic Learning Academy (KLA) is not your typical tutoring program. Instead of worksheets, we focus on a movement-based, active approach as we help kids progress in their reading fluency. Our reading program is founded on a research-based method that is structured, systematic, and multisensory to teach basic reading skills and decoding. We enhance it by adding fluency exercises. We address comprehension through metacognition—actively thinking while you are reading. We also use visual cues and verbalization to help students remember and understand what they read.

Many kids need a more interactive approach to learning than what they receive in traditional schools or tutoring programs, and at Kinesthetic Learning Academy, that is exactly what we have to offer. 

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