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KLA Tutoring helps your child increase foundational understanding in math using creative techniques

Math is essential for careers such as engineering, physics, accounting, and many more in the thriving finance-technology sector. Yet it’s not unusual for people to struggle with math (or at least to struggle with liking it), causing many to change their field of study because of the associated math requirements. Among the many reasons math can be a challenge, one issue, in particular, is the abstract nature of math and establishing a real-world connection. Some children may need help beyond the formal classroom in establishing a firm foundation in math.

That’s where we come in. At Kinesthetic Learning Academy, we believe that math should be concrete and tangible, so we use manipulatives to strengthen the understanding of abstract concepts. In our math tutoring program, we follow the Singaporean APC method of teaching mathematics—abstract, pictorial, and concrete. First, students must work with real objects, such as blocks, to calculate math problems. Eventually, they move to drawings representing the blocks. Finally, they compute using traditional algorithms, the most abstract of the presentations.

Our certified teachers encourage writing on the table (don’t worry, it’s erasable!) or writing vertically on a whiteboard to increase engagement and motivation. Through all of the years of our teaching experience, we have accumulated lots of tips and tricks to help students develop the necessary math skills, such as songs, mnemonic devices, and games that make math fun! Teaching math with this interactive approach not only keeps children engaged in the learning progress but also helps solidify mathematical concepts in their minds more successfully than worksheets, textbooks, or lectures. We love being able to see kids progress rapidly in their math skills as they are being taught in the way they learn best. 

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