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Every parent desires academic success for their children. Therefore, it can be disappointing if your child starts kindergarten and is already struggling to achieve that success. You may begin to worry about what their future holds and what kind of opportunities they may miss as time passes and they grow older. 

The truth is, a situation in which a child is struggling to succeed in the traditional school system may not, in reality, be indicative of their intellect or academic potential at all. Just think about it. For the first five or so years of life, kids are being encouraged to move, walk, talk, explore, and be as expressive as possible. Then, suddenly, they are placed in a classroom setting and being told to sit at a desk, be quiet, and listen. It’s not surprising that a large number of children will struggle with this. Yet, instead of the education system adjusting to the needs of students, children are instead pushed to conform to the system.

This very problem is one of the main reasons why we started Kinesthetic Learning Academy. Here at KLA, we believe in moving to learn! We work with kids as young as kindergarten in the areas of reading, writing, and math in a fun and movement-based way. Whether it be skipping from sight word to sight word down the hall or playing games using our number wall, we teach kids in their most natural environment—one full of movement! 

If you are looking to help your child build a better base in their primary subjects, Kinesthetic Learning Academy may just be the answer you are looking for. We offer daily homework help Monday-Thursday from 3-8pm as well as specialized instruction in reading, writing, and math. Call us today, or head over to our registration page to get started!



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