Fourth Grade Tutoring


As children enter the fourth grade, they begin the transition between “little kid” and “big kid”. They are expected to show more maturity and independence in their behavior, as well as greater proficiency in various academic subjects as they prepare to finish up their elementary school years and move on to junior high. While it can be exciting for kids to feel they are being treated more like adults, kids who struggle with sitting still or academic achievement may experience even more disappointment and frustration than they already have. Children experiencing these feelings may demonstrate them in some of the following ways:

  • They get frustrated or emotional when having to do homework
  • They have fallen behind their peers in one or more subjects for their grade level
  • They struggle to sit still or stay focused in class
  • They fight going to school and/or express a disdain for learning
  • Their teacher has expressed concern about their ability to become proficient in one or more subjects

If one or more of these statements describe your child, it may be time to seek out specialized tutoring, and Kinesethetic Learning Academy (KLA) may be just the right tutoring center for your child! Unlike many tutoring facilities where kids sit at a desk doing worksheets, here at KLA, we focus on learning with movement, or kinesthetic learning. We incorporate children's’ natural inclination to run, jump, and play with the learning process. As a result, kids are able to increase their focus, retain information more rapidly, and begin to love learning again as they see academic progress. 

If your child could benefit from fourth grade tutoring in reading, writing, or math, or even just needs some extra help with their homework, give Kinesthetic Learning Academy a call today at 480-534-7500. We look forward to hearing from you!



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