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From the time they are born, children love to learn and explore their environment. They are often eager and excited as they embark on their journey of education in their early school years and formally begin their studies of reading, writing, math, and other primary subjects. However, that enthusiasm may not last when a child is struggling to grasp key points or principles in one or more subjects. Frustration may set in, even in children as young as kindergarten or first grade, especially as they continue to fall behind while watching their peers excel. As a parent watching on, it becomes disheartening. 

Is there hope for struggling first graders?

There is absolutely hope! At Kinesthetic Learning Academy (KLA), we are here to help your first grader excel in their primary subjects! We are firm believers in moving to learn, which is second nature for kids (as opposed to sitting quietly at a desk all day). At KLA, our certified teachers work with kids as young as kindergarten in the areas of math, writing, and reading, and we do it in a fun and movement-based way. Whether it be playing various learning games using our “Number Wall” or engaging in balance and focus activities, we teach kids in a way that works best for them—in an environment full of movement and fun! 

If you are looking to help your first-grade child become more competent in one or more of their primary subjects, Kinesthetic Learning Academy may just be the answer you are looking for. We offer homework help sessions every Monday-Thursday during the hours of 3-8pm. In addition, we offer specialized instruction in math, writing, and reading. Don’t wait any longer to help your child start achieving academic success! Give us a call today at 480-534-7500, or head on over to our registration page to begin the enrollment process!


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