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Back in 2012, Jay Russnak and Cheryl Sciutto began working together at Burk Elementary School in Gilbert Public Schools. They quickly realized that their professional ideologies matched and they shared a vision for how education could (and should) be utilized in the classroom. Due to their collaborative nature, Jay and Cheryl exceeded the district's projection for student growth of 50%, andtheir students averaged a growth of 80-90%. 

Seeing the full potential for their approach, Jay and Cheryl little by little began building the vision for a place where they could bring their ideas to a greater population. By 2017, things had finally fallen in to place and they had the opportunity to open a learning center. After adding Martha Huggins, Kristen Alexander, and Shawnda Love to the staff, finding a perfect location and bringing years of ideas to fruition, Kinesthestic Learning Academy officially came to life.  

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